Comic 20 - Black Cat at Night

1st Apr 2015, 12:00 AM
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Black Cat at Night
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Author Notes:

1st Apr 2015, 12:00 AM
Jessie Blue
I'll have you guys know that I spent over 17 hours on this piece in Photoshop, it has 12 layers consisting of intricate and subtle shades of near black. It symbolizes the existentialist dread that rises out of the void, born of knowledge that we are merely tiny flickers of light in the infinite emptiness of the uncaring cosmos.



1st Apr 2015, 8:11 AM
is this an april fools joke?
1st Apr 2015, 8:17 AM
Jessie Blue
You would impugn my honor sir? I worked Veeerry hard on this I'll have you know ;)
1st Apr 2015, 8:48 AM
but its not funny :(
2nd Apr 2015, 4:12 PM
Jessie Blue
But I do funny all of the rest of the time... so therefore my April Fool's joke has to be sort of unfunny (although the people in art school thought it was hysterical)